Contract Logistics:

Contract Logistics is the outsourcing of resource management tasks to third-party firms. Contract logistics firms handle designing and planning supply chains, facilities, warehousing, transportation and goods distribution, order processing and payment collection, inventory management and at times provide customer service.

Logistics management is a crucial part of many firms gains and overall success, whereas some firms take care of their own logistics, others go with specialized contract logistics firms form their own logistics management. Contract logistics firms need to have a deep understanding of how different firms work in order to best manage the logistics of a variety of firms.


Distribution management refers to many processes or activities like inventory, packaging, warehousing, supply chain and logistics, handling goods movement from supplier/provider or manufacturer to point of sale.

Managing the entire distribution process effectively is critical to corporate longevity and financial success. If a company has the higher number of supply points then it needs automation to manage the entire distribution process in an effective manner.


In-plant logistics covers movements among the manufactory of raw materials, components and sub-assemblies either from or to stocking points, for turning into finished products, as and delivering them out to the factory gate.

Value Added Services:

To ELV India, Value-added means providing skilled services and processes the reach beyond standard receiving, storing and shipping of the customers' goods. We offer various "Value Added Services". All our locations are involved with ongoing Supply Chain services like contract packaging, which adds direct value to the customers' goods and supply chain management process.

Spare-Parts Management:

Spare parts management is an important management element of a strategic service process, which companies use to make sure that the right components are at the right place at the right time.

Tracking Management:

We have the most advanced and comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking Solutions. We provide the most advanced and robust software, technology and GPS solutions to track/monitor goods movement Real-Time.