About Us

ELV India is South India's completely integrated and IT enabled Supply Chain services firm, which is capable of handling Distribution, In-plant Logistics, Contract Logistics, Spare-parts management etc. It also offers Tracking management and other Value added services.

ELV India caters to companies like Electronics, Automotive, Home Furniture etc. Every category has a unique supply chain with its own needs that require custom-built solutions. Having set the up-to-date and modern supply chain practices through best implementation of global practices, ELV India has been a leader in modernizing supply chain and logistics in South India and focusing consistently on developing transport hubs to form a seamless supply chain network across South India. It is well supported by top technology & software to provide visibility.

In South India, Logistics and Supply Chain function in firms are increasing and the more integrated role that encompasses supply and demand management, sourcing, procurement, inbound transportation and logistics, manufacturing, quality assurance, outbound distribution, logistics and customer support.